Create Your Content Strategy for Your Mobile Website

Content is king until your customer pulls out a smartphone. Then your website visitor is most likely looking for your contact details and other basic information, and they want it fast. Customers aren’t going to spend a lot of time navigating your site on a phone if they can’t find what they need.

While customers love reading on their tablets, phone users aren’t as keen. Even if you have a responsive site, you may be losing out on mobile conversions.

The latest research in content and search suggests that readers are gravitating toward longer posts when reading on their computers. In addition, search engines are favouring longer posts because they can deliver users to more authoritative sites. While it used to be recommended that blog posts hover around 300 words, now the minimum is 500, and 1,000 is desirable.

A tablet reader might also be willing to read your 1,000 word post about your head chef’s trip to Italy, but the person riding the bus to your restaurant would rather see what the cross street is for your location, what’s on the menu and how much this whole evening might cost them.