Cash Flow Notes Marketing Strategies – Making Money In The Cash Flow Notes Business

Marketing to existing note holders is the next approach. This is a more direct marketing approach, in fact it is actually referred to as direct marketing. It will generally require mailings to a list of note holders and follow up calls. Sometimes you will be able to get the phone number from your list. Typical public record lists contain phone numbers for 5% -10% of our lists depending on your criteria. Most of the data that comes from public record will not have phone numbers as part of the data and email is still not recorded in public record so you will never get email addresses for your note holders. Unfortunately "easy" generally means low results too so keep that in mind. If you did have emails for these people your results would be far lower than what you will see with more direct efforts like postcards and letters. Direct marketing will take time and numbers. It is not something that you can do easily or quickly but if you do it properly you will see the benefits from it as your business and your list grows. Market often and test different approaches in your mailings.

The last option is perhaps the best approach. This would be getting involved with the seller before the note is created. One of the obvious and huge benefits to this approach is that you will end up with an exclusive list of note holders. Well, almost exclusive. The data is still recorded but if you do things right and learn how to setup a proper contract and relationship from the start then you can have first rights to the note and you also will build a rapport with the seller which will make it easier for you To complete the deal when they are ready to sell. This approach is a more complicated approach to marketing your note business and you would need a proper guide to help you through it but it is a fantastic option.

Source by Mike D Wood

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