8 Ways To Use Social Media To Promote Your Company

3- Share Your Content

Creating valuable content is a great start, but you have to distribute it through the right channels in order to reach your audience. Use your social media platforms to share the content you create and bring more traffic to your website. You can increase your chances of engaging with your audience if you:

  • Come up with creative titles
  • Use eye-catching, relevant media in your posts
  • Target specific groups or communities
  • Identify the best times to share your posts

4- Run Promotions and Reward Programs

One of the main reasons consumers interact with a company’s social media page is because they know they can receive discounts or participate in a promotion of some sort. Make sure you reward your loyal followers by launching the occasional social media promotion. Better yet, set up a recurring rewards program where your clients can rack up points and cash them in for future discounts.

5- Show Some Personality

Remember that social media is about more than just sharing links, so mix it up by sharing different posts and give your company some personality. Roughly one out of every seven posts should be promotional, so use the other posts to engage with your audience and showcase your company’s personality.

6- Paid Social Ads

Paying to boost your posts is a great way to build your follower base while simultaneously engaging with more users. Because paid ads on social media appear in the news feed with other posts, they can reach broader audiences without causing major disruptions. Social media ad campaigns can also be tracked and optimized, so you will be able to make adjustments to cut costs and increase conversion rates.

7- Target Communities as a Whole

One thing all major social media platforms have in common is that they allow like-minded users to form groups and communities. You can target specific communities that fit your buyer personas in order to maximize the impact of your social media posts and stories.

You can also choose to create your own community of brand advocates. Although this can take significantly more time, you will build a loyal follower base that can enter your sales funnel, eventually becoming customers.

8- Experiment Responsibly

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for social media success. In order to find the best combination for your company, you have to experiment and change different elements of your posts. You can run A/B tests to work out the best tone of voice, wording, timing, and images you should use, among other features. Just remember to be careful – posting the wrong thing on social media could have adverse effects on your business.


Social media platforms offer an awesome chance to promote your business and connect with your audience at a much deeper level. Use the tips outlined above to make the most out of your social media profiles and build a solid foundation for a long-lasting relationship with your customers, both current and future.

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