Industry Giants Team to Deliver Mobile Receipt Capture to Loyalty Programs

Maritz Motivation Solutions, a leading provider of loyalty programs to major companies and brands, announced this week a partnership with TPG Rewards, Inc., a premier receipt capture provider in the consumer promotional rewards and technology space.

This exciting new alliance adds yet another dimension to Maritz’s customer loyalty solution by allowing marketers to easily engage and build loyalty with customers at the point of sale through customers’ mobile devices.

“Until now, many brands have been limited in their loyalty behavior tracking due to the cost and complexity of integrating with point-of-sale systems,” said Barry Kirk, vice president of loyalty solutions for Maritz Motivation Solutions. “Mobile receipt capture allows retail, consumer packaged goods (CPG) marketers and B2B marketers to overcome that barrier using a technology consumers are very comfortable with– their smart phones.”

As a mobile loyalty solution, receipt capture allows consumers to easily get credit for purchases no matter how they pay, simply by snapping a photo of their receipt and emailing or texting that photo for credit. It also enables marketers to engage those customers in real-time with targeted messaging, while also tracking customer behavior that couldn’t be tracked before.